Project List
The projects listed below are game projects, tools, and demos that I have written. I have released partial code for some of my projects. If you want to see more examples of code, send me an email. If you want to see a paticular project, click on the links below to jump to the project.
GitHub Projects


Bootstrap Modal

JavaScript library helper to create Bootstrap modals on demand.

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You are a monster trying to scare people.

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Super Xtreme Kart Racing 2

The most xtreme kart racing game ever!

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Dealer Hero (Wii)

Dealing cards simulator.

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Gameboy color game written in assembly.

Defend The Rope

Coming soon.

Tools / Other

Sampling Profiler

Determine what function takes the most time.

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Curve Editor

View different types of splines and curves.

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Software Rasterizer

3D software rasterizer just using SetPixel.

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Defend The Rope (Map Editor)

Coming soon.