Super Xtreme Kart Racing 2

Super Xtreme Kart Racing 2 is a Super Mario Kart style racing game that incorporates humor and style with cartoon-ish graphics, challenging A.I. and physics. Super Xtreme Kart Racing 2 is an enjoyable game that brings together humor and racing. Compete as one of the eight amusing racers on fun, exciting, and challenging racetracks. Why the 2 you ask? Because this game is that Xtreme!

This game project was created during my sophomore year. My team consisted of 4 total members. One producer, one technical director, one designer, and one product manager. I was the technical director and the lead graphics programmer for this project. My involvement in this project consisted of making the graphics architecture, debugging for hard bugs to find, increasing the performance of our game, and integrating game engines.

Gold Release

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